What projects should I hire a carpenter for

Carpenters can do a wide range of jobs around your home, including Cabinet Installations. You can build a wardrobe or shelving and also repair your fixtures and fittings.

Carpenters are all highly skilled, but not all of them are the same. Before you hire a carpenter, it is important to be familiar with these particularities.

There are three types of carpentry: rough carpentry (also known as cabinet making), finish carpentry (also known as finished carpentry), and cabinet making. Here are some details about each.

Rough Carpenters

Rough carpenters can also be called framing carpenters, framers or framing carpenters. They are skilled in building basic structures and frameworks for homes and buildings.

Frame carpenters make sure that the framework is level, square, and perfectly plumb. Framing carpenters are responsible for laying the foundation for finished carpentry. They also build in blocking for cabinets and windows.

Finish carpentry

As part of building construction, these carpenters complete the details. Framers are finished. A finish carpenter is responsible for the installation of roofing, decking, sliding doors, windows, and windows.

Cabinet makers

Cabinet making is another type of carpentry. These highly skilled tradies build and construct furniture, cabinets, and robes.

These tradies generally work on more projects for the finished home.

A carpenter can do common tasks around the house.

  • Construction of housing framework
  • Build benches, nooks, and desks
  • Construction of stairs
  • How to create shelving
  • Cabinet construction and installation
  • Installing and building walk-in robes, butler’s pantries and other accessories
  • Designing custom decking and sunbeds
  • Timber flooring

Here are some tips for hiring a carpenter

Let’s not forget about classifications. Here are some ways to hire the right person for the job.


Ask your network to recommend. Recommendations from your network are more trustworthy than many online reviews. A loyal following of skilled carpenters can testify to their work.

Ask about their communication skills and job output.

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Get quotes

Before you hire a tradesperson, get at least three to four quotes. Make sure you know your budget before the carpenter quotes the job. They can offer an alternative if you don’t have the budget.

Do not settle for the first-in.

Material and warranty

Material quality and durability vary. Ask the carpenter what materials he intends to use on your project. Do some research. Ask about their knowledge and experience with these materials. A simple question can reveal a lot about a person’s work ethic and skills.

Ask about the warranty on materials and workmanship.

Licenses and insurance

It is important to work with a licensed carpenter who has the right license to trade. You have insurance that covers you in the event of an accident.

For many home projects, you can hire a carpenter in Brisbane Northside. It all comes down to asking the right questions at the beginning.

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